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Samwel Masiwo
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Mr. Samwel Elly Masiwo
LREN Director & Chairman
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Since 2018

Mr. Masiwo is a career educationist and political strategist with an excess of fifteen years of experience in classroom teaching, school management, and political-strategic advisory. Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Arts with IT from Maseno University, Mr. Masiwo is currently pursuing his MA in Literature from Rongo University. Possessing a vast knowledge of human growth and development, education management and administration, planning, and economics of education, information systems applications as well as management and coordination of the various campaign and strategy teams, formulation of campaign policies, and drafting of political manifestos coupled with prudent management of the campaign kitty and planning with the same, all these gained while holding brief for Senators Moses Kajwang and the late Gerald Kajwang, Mr. Masiwo is well equipped to plan, strategize, mobilize and execute every aspect of LREN cause of action and deliveries in line with the core values and objectives of the organization. Mr. Masiwo’s experience in government operations and his network within the county government having served as a member of Governor Gladys Wanga’s political think-tank and later as the rapporteur for the Governor’s 100-Day Delivery Taskforce bodes well with LREN’s focus on courting partners both within and without the state to buttress the empowerment agenda of the organization He is a result-oriented family man, a social and dynamic thinker who believes in society as an amalgam of many variegated interests and as such the need to recognize and respect these myriad diversities and interests. Consequently, he recognizes the aspirations of all members in this hitherto multifaceted society based on freedom, democracy and social justice, and the rule of law.